A Different ENding

ADE CoverThe woman at the center of Judith Landau’s story approaches the end of her life with courage, clarity, insight, imagination. Landau tells the story with exactly those same qualities whether she is addressing family history, medical protocols, natural burial, or spiritual practice. And if A Different Ending begins as a moving portrait of a woman facing illness, it grows to become a deeper consideration of how the rest of us might confront mortality. In reflecting on how we go from living to not living, this book suggests those ways in which the final human passage can be full of grace for both those traveling it and the others around and with them. 

—Akiko Busch author of Patience: Taking Time in an Age of Acceleration; The Uncommon Life of Common Objects; The Incidental Steward; Nine Way’s to Cross a River; Geography
of Home as well as books and articles on architecture.

A Different Ending will, tenderly and directly, change the way we talk about death and dying. In gorgeous prose that is infused with sparks of humor and delight, Judith Landau delivers a story of awe and inspiration for the way one woman, Landau’s resilient brave friend Lauren Erickson, held nothing back—and took charge of her days until her very last breath.

—Christine Fadden, Writer, Editor, Manuscript Consultant

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Published Oct. 2017 • ISBN 9781977704719 • 174 pages • Paperback and eBook • Size: 5.5" x 8.5"
Genre: Biography/Personal Memoirs • Price: $9.95 U.S.

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